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HTV-group of companies

HTV was founded as a test-house in 1986 and established itself to the high performance center for electronic components. As one of the worldwide market leaders, we stand for comprehensive technological competence at which customers can resort to decades of know how regarding testing including test-programme development, qualification as well as the programming of components with customer-software.

Pushing, developing and establishing the introduction of new innovative technologies is the motivation of the whole team.

The dynamics of the HTV-group of companies is reflected in innovative services, such as Long-Term Conservation of electronic components according to the worldwide unique TAB®-method, developed by us, as well as in a wide range of complex analytics procedures, with which the quality of electronic components can be examined. The reconditioning of oxidized and corroded components according to the HTV-revivec®-method, as the newest innovation, makes our service range perfect.

Subsidiaries of HTV-group of companies:

MAF Microelectronic Assembly Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH
Radiometric spectral measurements

Since 2007, MAF Microelectronic Assembly Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH is part of the HTV‑group. MAF GmbH is specialist in the assembly of microelectronic circuits.

Ertec GmbH
Ertec GmbH

Since 2008 ertec GmbH, which produces fully automatic programming systems with Huge Memory Flashing HMF® according to smartJET Highspeed Technology® and highly innovative inline programming systems, is part of the HTV group of companies.

HTV Swiss AG

Since 2013, HTV-Swiss AG acts as representative office of HTV-group of companies in Switzerland and as an independent distributor in the international electronics market. Flyer